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Frequently asked questions about SocialMing

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Powered by Cyberdune Technologies, SocialMing is a tool designed for Instagram users to schedule posts, auto-post to their feeds and generate popular hashtags to take advantage of Instagram's powerful marketing ecosystem.

SocialMing is built on the Instagram approved API ecosystem. It's trusted and used by influencers, brands and companies around the world. When you start using SocialMing, you will be able to add your Instagram profiles to our platform and then upload the files you want to start scheduling. To learn more about how our platform works, see this video or browse our knowledgebase.

Scheduling posts to SocialMing allows you to take care of profile more effectively. Spending 20 minutes a week on SocialMing will allow you to schedule all of your week's content. It's a time saver and allows you to concentrate of other aspects of your business.

Additionally, you can use SocialMing to directly message and interact with your followers and see live-time insights on how your Instagram account is performing. We have recently added QuickGen to our suite of tools inside SocialMing that allows you to generate popular hashtags allowing you to reach out to bigger audiences on Instagram and thereby take advantage of the Instagram Marketing Platform.

With SocialMing, you will be able to schedule single posts, videos, albums and stories to your Instagram account. You can schedule these to be auto-posted to whenever you want.

Scheduling posts to Instagram means that you can upload all the media you want to post for a later date. Simply use SocialMing to import your files from your PC, Mac or Phone and then let our tools take care of the rest.

Yes. You can add upto unlimited Instagram accounts if you are on our premium plan. You can also opt for standard plan where you can add upto 3 accounts.

QuickGen is our inapp tool that allows you to generate unlimited hashtags based on popularity and relevance. Using QuickGen, you can simply type in the keywords you want to target and our algorithm will generate the latest and most relevant set of hashtags for you to use in your scheduling campaigns. You can use QuickGen alongside our tag manager system to help you reach bigger Instagram audiences.

Absolutely. We know that analytics and metrics are important to you and your business and therefore we have built two data analytic systems inside SocialMing. You can use our metrics system to see how your SocialMing account is performing and our insights system to see how each of your Instagram accounts are gaining success.

Yes. With SocialMing, you can message any of your followers that initiate a conversation with you. You can do this with upto unlimited accounts.

We have analysed thousands of high performing Instagram accounts and measure their success ratios. We have posted an article here to help you understand what is the best time to schedule posts to Instagram.

Absolutely. We have built SocialMing on top of the Instagram API. This means that your data is protected at every level. We take your privacy seriously and ensure that our platform connects to you via a 256bit AES encryption.

We have three pricing tiers that are designed to fit into multiple requirements. You can take a look at our available plans here. If you are looking to an enterprise solution for Social Media Marketing, you can click here to find out more.

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade to any plan in our suite at any time. No questions asked.

We would be happy to offer you a flat 50% off on any non-profit organisation or student requirement you may have for using SocialMing.

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Go through our Knowlegebase to understand the power of the SocialMing platform.

We have listed every feature and possible guide you would ever need to take advantage of our Instagram Marketing Platform.

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